What is Retargeting? How can I use it?

Retargeting is a paid activity (SEM) where you follow a user who previously visited your website but didn’t complete an action (ie. purchase or registration). Once the user browses other websites, they will see a display Ad reminding your business or/and a product previously viewed. This is aimed to get the user back to your website and complete the desired action.

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How to use Google Disavow Links Tool

Google Disavow Links Tool is a powerful resource to tell Google Search Engine your denial on negative external URL’s that link back to your website and might cause penalization in the Serp (Search Engine Result Page). Google recommends its web tool submission as the last resort in the case you tried to remove the back link and you didn’t succeeded. In this article will get the grasp on how to submit to Google a list of back links to disavow.