Goodbye GoDaddy! It’s time to move my hosting service

As Digital Marketing professional in Dublin, I also manage websites. Some of them are from my clients while the rest I personally own and manage, writing also the content.

I started to build and manage my first website in 2008 in Dublin and at that time there were no wide choices if you were going to purchase hosting in Ireland. I remember then, there were mostly few Irish providers that were charging a fortune and there were mainly focusing on B2B and servers.

The USA was one step forward than the Irish market and you could buy a decent sharing hosting, with unlimited bandwidth and much more. The only problem at that time, the data centre was in the USA, so you can imagine it would be an issue for the future (geolocation, page load speed, etc).

I had a look online and I found that after all, Godaddy was giving a good deal either for prices and services. Also, I was happy at that time because you could open a ticket online to their Technical support Team and they were replying back with a solution. Now, not anymore, because if you live in Ireland, you have to contact them by phone, it is not free of charge and also you have a long time waiting in the queue.

godaddy renewal website notify

After 3 years of having my Deluxe Sharing Hosting with GoDaddy (I started in 2008), I was very shocked to read such bad news about the (at that time) CEO Bob Parson caught in a video shooting an elephant. I didn’t like this and I thought to move from this provider, but where? Having websites up and running on their servers could be seen as a potential issue and time consuming to do the migration. Consider that you have to move all the files, backup databases, changing domain’s DNS etc. Not the best relaxing tasks. So I thought to keep it there for a while. Year after year passed and I was still with them in the USA.

In 2014 GoDaddy opens its European Data Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Wow, I thought it was so cool so I could get my hosting moved from the USA to Nothern Ireland, closer to my target audience. Nooot. Was not so automatic. My Hosting was still residing in the USA and in order to get this new relocation I had to contact the Tech Support on the phone as the starting point. Then I was told by a GoDaddy user on their USA Forum that the migration process was not automatic. I had been given an empty EU hosting space and that I had to do the migration on my own. I wasn’t enjoying it so I just give up, promising myself to move to another provider.

2018 the year of changes. We always looking for changes sooner or later

godaddy renew it or loose it

After 10 years of paying GoDaddy 168$ for a shared hosting (with traditional Hard Disk Drives), I thought it was the time for me to do the bloody migration to another hosting provider. So I started to browse the Internet and I found a company in The Netherlands called AltusHost. These guys were selling an SSD (Solid State Drive) shared hosting starting at 4.95 € / month. Plus there were 45 days no quibble money back if you were not satisfied with the service.

The good news for me was that they have a very prompt customer support team who answered to all my bothering questions in the first 15 days I was working at the migration. In fact, while I was moving the files and database I thought to keep for a while my domain with GoDaddy so I wouldn’t have to spend extra money before the domain is going to be renewed. Also, I am using Cloudflare DNS and that was another task. Tech Support helped me with queries. I don’t like to deal on the phone with tech support. I like emails so you can write points of actions and your requests. Please see below image on my requests to Tech Support. Status is all closed because they solved all the issues. I had to obscure some subjects due to private matter but just to give you the point.

AltusHost Tech Support

Their starter pack of 4.95 € / month allowed me to move 2 websites. In fact, you can add 2 domains. If you have more domains,(till 20 domains) you can choose the 9.95 € / month. I have other websites hosted by other providers so the starter package was fine with me. If you are fancy for your own dedicated ip address, you can get for 2 Euro extra per month. That’s very sweet, no sharing IP’s with other potential dodgy websites. It is what I did also.

Now my migration is complete and my 2 websites have moved to AltusHost, I removed all the files from GoDaddy because the hosting is due to expire this April 2018.

If you are in the doubt of moving or getting a new hosting service, you might think about AltusHost.

This is one website currently hosting there: