How to increase Instagram Followers for Free

I will explain you how to increase Instagram followers for free. No matter if you have a business account or you are a private user. You will see also your posts getting more likes.IG followers

Upload interesting pictures

If you want to attract new followers on Instagram you have to give them a life experience. As a rule of thumb, try to criticize your image. Do you like it? Would you share it online?

Remember: Once a user will visit your profile, you have to show them you are worth to be followed. If you are a business, try to publish images in context with your audience. Don’t forget to add also the human or emotional factor.

instagram increase followers

Source: @streets_vision

Like pictures and make comments too

Like posts and leave comments. They will do the same. Again, don’t be afraid to ask a question in the comment.
As well as other social Media platforms, the more engagement you create, the more chance you will see your post as the popular in the Search Page.

If you notice a user who doesn’t respond, start liking their posts on a daily basis. Not everybody checks new followers every day: the more you interact, the more attention you will get from them. Finally, they will go to check your profile and likely add you back.

Use properly the #hashtag to gain popularity

Hashtags have its own search volume like Google. This is given by popularity with the number of posts associated. According to Websta a free web application, the popular are: #love #instagood #photooftheday #tbt #beautiful .
Try to keep a context between your pictures and the hashtag to avoid spamming or hashtag abusing.

You can use one of these hashtags to ask users to follow you: #followme #f4f #followback #follow4followback. You can also go on a search for posts that have these hashtags and follow them. Once you start following them you can use free apps to monitor if they did the same to you.

What Instagram accounts I won’t follow and Why?

On Instagram, you can check how many followers an account has. This is important because if you see an account with 91,800 followers but only 60 following, means that you probably won’t get a follow back. Be sure to see a fair ratio between following and followers.

Instagram followers vs following

An example of Instagram Profile where followers are higher than following

Follow the followers. Once you found a good follow back account, check their followers. See if you can get more from them.

In conclusion, these are my weapons to increase Instagram followers. For sure there are other many ways on how you can get free followers on Instagram. There are also premium web applications who can do all the job for you but you have to pay for. If you are a business and you have a budget you can spend, consider the option of Paid Advertising in Instagram. You will be able to tailor your audience, getting quality followers in less time.

Bonus: How to track your unfollowers?
Unfortunately, sometimes a new follower won’t last longer. Nowadays, there is a sort of bad practice among Instagram users to follow somebody in order to get the same action. Once they got you as follower they will unfollow. In order to track this behavior, I found this free Android App called InstaFollow for Instagram. They have in-app purchases to unlock more in-deep stats but for our purpose, it is free to use. On the same way if you have an iPhone you can use Followers for Instagram.