How to Remove Credit Footer in WordPress Kale Theme by LyraThemes

This article goes straight to the point. No beating around the bush: How to Remove Credit Footer “Kale by” using CSS code into your Theme Settings.

This is what you see at the bottom of your WordPress website when you install the theme called Kale:

Lyrathemes credit footer

The first line is the credit you can personalize. In this case, I worked at Cozy Ireland website, one of my recent work. You can check how this theme fits in the real scenario.

The second line it is what you want to remove and you can remove it because it is not compulsory to have. WordPress and free themes are open sources, they are not protected by any sort of copyright or patent. Of course, as it is free to use, you might give credit to their author but it is up to you.

Easy steps on how to remove Credit Footer in Kale WordPress theme by Lyrathemes

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE
  2. On your left side you see a menu with Upgrade to Pro, Typography, etc. Scroll down till you reach ADDITIONAL CSS. Click on it.
  3. In the Box under Additional CSS you have to type the following code: {

    Remove footer credit by Lyra theme

  4. Press PUBLISH

You will see now that the Credit Footer has only your personalized one.